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About Frantz, The Locksmith - Safe Cracker

My career began in the late 70's, my early 20's, selling builders hardware at a warehouse in Duncanville, TX, a Dallas Suburb.

I began working in the warehouse and delivering orders to our customers. There were many orders to be pulled, locks that needed to be keyed the same for each house and hardware to be installed after the buyer of the house had made a selection.  We sold and installed safes as well.  My job eventually included all of that.
My boss was pretty cool and urged me to become a locksmith.
He knew I liked working on mechanical things and told me there was great potential for my talent in this industry.  I learned what I could and moved forward.

Starting my own business with only raw talent was not as easy,

as one would think but gave it a try.  I succeeded for a few years and business dropped off when the building industry slowed down. 

I did not give up but got another job with a local competitor.
They sold and serviced John Tann, Atlas, Bernardini and other jewelers safes. We also built Subway Floor Safes (like Star floor safes) and high security vaults. It was fun and exciting to learn the industry,
We moved large safes and vault doors into high rise buildings and various smaller buildings, opened them when they in some way malfunctioned or some one lost a combination or key.

I came to CA in 1991 to be with my family and was immediately hired by one of the local locksmith shops in Sacramento.

It did not take long and became an advanced service tech, shop manager and full service technician.  

Safe work is my specialty.  I am a proficient commercial, residential and automotive locksmithing as well.

I began Frantz Locksmith Service in order to serve my community with my professional talents and help others.

Thanks for reading my about me page.
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