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Upgrade Security with High Security Locks and Restricted Keys for Absolute Key Control

We all value our possessions at work and at home. Do you always know where all your keys are?
Could anyone have copied them?

You may have seen restricted keys in High Security and Sensitive areas at work, why not our house too?
Maybe your office has rooms that need an audit trail.

We offer keys you program and audit with that key.
Why not, check out our High Security Locks and Restricted Keys for the ultimate in key control.

Lock picking and bumping is real and if you see this page you would know U Tube can show you how to do it.
This applies to most "standard security" residential and commercial locks.

For commercial lock applications you can easily upgrade to any of our High Security Retrofit Cylinders without having the cost of hardware replacement.

Interchangeable Core High Security Solutions
- retrofit, small and large format such as Best, Arrow, Falcon, Sargent, Corbin Russwin and more.

Check out our showroom and place your order.
Jeff's Locksmiths @ 2377 Arden Way in Sacramento.

High Security Locks & Keys we sell, service & install:

  • Medeco (ASSA/ABLOY)
  • Keymark 4 (ASSA/ABLOY)
  • Schlage Primus
  • Schlage Everest

To find the High Security Locks you need please check our Manufacture web site page for the brand you seek.
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Frantz Locksmith Service (916) 534-4900
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