Frantz Locksmith Service LCO # 4160

Mobile Locksmith in Sacramento CA (916) 534 4900

Check Locksmith Company License plus the Locksmiths CA Locksmith and Drivers License

Public Notice:

Please check out your Sacramento CA Locksmith to see if he is real!
Do Not Pay "Cash" Up Front For Service and be charged more later.
Pay by Credit Card with protection for your assurance.

Always ask the company you are calling for the Company Locksmith License Number and check a Mobile Locksmiths credentials.

Mobile Locksmiths are required to display a license document in the vehicle plus carry a pocket license with the locksmiths name on it.

Legitimate Licensed Sacramento CA Locksmiths have proof with them.

Locksmith License Numbers have two formats and are issued by the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (DOCA, BSIS.) 

The license will have a letter prefix (X's represents digits)  as follows:

LCO# XXXX is a Company License.
LOC# XXXXX is an Employee License.

You can check these License Numbers at the Department of Consumer Affairs website

Select "Quick Hits" then select "Verify a License" or use the BSIS License Verification Hotline (916) 575-7000 and verify the license to find out the status of a license holder. 

Frantz Locksmith Service
Locksmith Company License Number LCO# 4160.

ALL Locksmith Services, Inc.
Locksmith Company License Number LCO# 4703.

Jeffs Locksmith
Locksmith Company License Number LCO# 4943.

Another credential to ask to see is memberships to the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and the California Locksmiths Association (CLA.)

Thank You,

Frantz Locksmith Service  -  LCO# 4160 

For Walk In Lock Smith Shop Services:
Jeff's Locksmiths  2377 Arden Way  Sacramento, CA 95825

Member of the following reputable organizations:

Better Business Bureau  -  BBB  use "Find a BBB Acreddited Business" 
Associated Locksmiths of America  -  ALOA  use "Find A Locksmith"
California Locksmith Association  -  CLA  use the "Locksmith Locator"

 Professional Licensed Local Locksmiths in Sacramento, CA

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Consumers- Be Warned of Locksmith Scammers.

"This scheme entices locked-out consumers with large Yellow Pages ads that give the impression you are calling a local business,"
says ALOA's Executive Director, David M. Lowell, CAE, CML.
"These companies manipulate listings with multiple false addresses and phone numbers to make them seem like a neighborhood businesses. In actuality, the victims frequently are calling out-of-state operations that are not locksmith companies at all. The consumer is quoted a reasonable price over the phone, but when a person posing as a locksmith finishes the job, the victim is charged a considerable amount more for unnecessary and sub-standard work".

ALOA has created a checklist for detecting a company that may be engaging in this scheme. "Make sure you do a little investigative work first," adds Lowell. "If you’re not comfortable with who’s coming to help you, the chances are you may be dealing with a scammer."

LOOK: Company advertising and identification containing the ALOA logo signals a qualified member.

CALL: Local qualified locksmiths bring a reliable familiarity with your area matched with strong community reputation, while national service providers offer well-known standards and service practices.

ASK: When contacting a locksmith, if the legal business name isn’t stated, ask for it. If there’s hesitation, there’s cause for concern. Hang up and move on.

VERIFY: Written estimates should be supplied before work begins, along with an itemized invoice upon completion.

CONFIRM: All service vehicles, vans and trucks should be clearly marked with the company name and identifying details.

CHECK: The locksmith should have a valid CA locksmith company license.
 CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services
for the most up to date list)

SHOW: The qualified locksmith should always ask for your proof of ID and authorization to begin work upon arrival, as well as supply his or her own professional identification and credentials.

REFUSE: If, for any reason, you’re uncomfortable, it is your right to refuse service.

If you feel that you have been the victim a scheme as described above, we  recommend that you contact the office of the CA State Attorney General. Most Attorneys General have a division that specializes in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.
You may find out how to contact your Attorney General at
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