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Safe Sales, Annual Service, Anchoring, Safe Opening and Repair. Locksmith Safe Safes

When valuables are kept in a business or home you rely on a security or fire safe.

Over time internal safe parts wear, dials become loose or combination sequence and numbers are forgotten.

In high use situations regular service prevents early failure avoiding costly repairs or replacement.

It is wise to have a locksmith change the combination on a new safe or when an employee no longer needs access.

Our Safe Locksmiths provide services that keep your safes functioning properly to secure your property.  We can also help when you can't open a safe for most any reason.

Our Services include:

  • Annual or Routine Safe Service
  • Change Safe Combination
  • Open Locked Safe
  • Unlock Safe lock
  • Safe Cracker
  • Repair Door Lock Bolts
  • Anchor Safe
  • GSA Lock Opening

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Frantz Locksmith Service is a Member of the Associated Locksmiths of America

The Locksmith Sacramento Trusts.

Frantz Locksmith Sacramento Safe Lock Key

Locally Owned and Operated.

California Department of Consumer Affairs Locksmith Company License # LCO 4160

Your Security is Our #1Concern.
Your Satisfaction is Our Aim.

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Frantz locksmiths services the following type containers:
  • security safes
  • fire safes
  • fireproof safes
  • gun safes
  • drop safes
  • in-room safes
  • file safes
  • media cabinets
  • safe boxes
  • GSA safes & containers
  • vault doors
Common brands serviced:
  • Adesco
  • Allied-Gary
  • American Security Products
  • Amsec
  • Brinks
  • Browning
  • Buddy
  • Burg Waechter
  • Kaba Mas
  • Cannon
  • Diabold
  • Fire King
  • Fortress
  • Gardall
  • General
  • Halls
  • Hamiton
  • Overly,
  • Hayman
  • HPC
  • Fort Knox
  • Liberty
  • Mosler
  • Meilink
  • Perma-Vault
  • Pro Lock
  • Sargent & Greenleaf
  • S&G
  • Sentry
  • Star
  • Sisco
  • Supra Key Safes
  • Winchester
  • Antique Safes

Safe Cracking Service, all safes including GSA containers, safes and vaults & X-07, X-08, X-09 & X-10 Certified Installation & Safe Lock Opening Service.

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Frantz Locksmith Service Accepts VISA for safe lock key work Cash Frantz Locksmith Service Accepts Master Card for safe lock key work
Frantz Locksmith Service is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

Safes, Locks and Keys for all of your Locksmithing needs.

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